Sunrise Energy

A capital group that brings together companies operating in the renewable energy and energy sectors. In its portfolio, Sunrise Energy has entities that allow comprehensive service for even the most demanding customers looking for cheap, ecological and modern methods of obtaining, purchasing or storing energy. The group consists of:

OZE Biomar

A company that has been operating on the market for over 10 years and is one of the leaders of the green transformation in Poland. OZE Biomar has completed thousands of orders throughout the country, and the company’s portfolio includes both small installations for the home, as well as giant solar power plants built at farms, production plants and enterprises.

In addition to photovoltaic installations, the company also offers heat pumps, energy storage devices, chargers for electric cars and electric boilers, thanks to which it provides a cross-sectional offer that meets the needs of each client. As part of cooperation with the Enelogic brand, the 1:1 Balancing service is also available, allowing the resale of surplus energy at a favorable price.


The Enelogic brand holds the rights to sell and trade electricity and gas. In addition to the standard offer of these media, the company closely cooperates with other entities belonging to the group. Therefore, it is possible to combine offers, such as the sale of a photovoltaic installation in a package with the automatic launch of the 1:1 Balancing service, which allows prosumers to profitably sell surplus energy produced.

Sun Farms

A company working cross-sectionaly in the solar farms sector. Sun Farms supports customers at every stage of the process of creating a photovoltaic power plant: from finding and lease of land, through the design of the installation, to its implementation and commissioning. The company is also an interesting proposition for investors who want to invest their funds in the renewable energy sector.

Sunvival Energy

A company focused on the sale and assembly of photovoltaic installations using tools known from the e-commerce market. Fully online service is a modern approach that allows customers to save time and be able to choose the perfect offer from anywhere.

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